Axie Infinity: Bridging Gaming and Cryptocurrency with a heck lot of Cuteness

Are you into Gaming, or are you frolicking around the world of Cryptocurrency? If your answer for one of these ae yes, or if you are both into them, get ready as we will be talking about the world where these two meet, a play-to-earn game that will definitely get you hooked in NFTs, it’s none other than Axie Infinity.

Wealth Coach Chinkee Tan on Axie Infinity (Filipino)

Cuteness does pay; a lot.

If you are into Pokemon games then you are sure to like this game, but if you are into Ethereum, most definitely so that you’d love this even more. Simply put, Sky Mavis, the developer of the game is greatly inspired by the gameplay found on Pokemon games, and because they are a group of people who met in CryptoKittes, they found a way of introducing Blockchain in such an innocent-looking game, in simpler terms, for the time you spend playing this game, background computations your device does can generate hashes, which are algorithms used typically in mining crypto.

To make things a lot simpler, Axie Infinity generates SLP, in hashes it was able to generate, which are converted to AXS, a Governance token exclusive to Axie Infinity which then is used into generating SLP, standing for Smooth Love Potion that lets players breed Axies which also is Volatile like any other cryptocurrency. As of the moment, 1 SLP is equivalent to almost 17PHP and is continuously growing as the player database continually expands and hours spent for background blockchain from playtime are also continually increasing.

Virtual Axolotls do sell for Ethereum!

For the gameplay, as we said typically like Pokemon, Axies face each other in a PVP combat system with four sets of cards set by the player before the match representing their skills. However, choosing which Axie to attack and which moves are available are completely random, which if you yourself aren’t lucky enough, have to grind and play hard for a better skill set in battle. Luckily, Axie Infinity isn’t about winning or losing, for the losing party, there are hardly any consequences aside from deductions on your MMR (Match Making Rating) and for the winning party, an increase in your MMR, plus some extra SLP. Do note that higher MMR does give more SLP, so do not take PVPs for granted.

Players can also earn by breeding and trading Axies in the entire community-base, and this is where NFTs come rolling over. The cheapest Axie costs around a dollar (sold in ETH) and the most expensive one is sold around 1,500,000 USD (in ETH). This is because Axie’s values are based on NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) which are data stored in a digital ledger. An NFT certifies a digital file to be the only copy on the entire internet, it is unique and non-interchangeable, meaning your Axie, may it be the one you’ll buy, the one you bred, or the one you are planning to sell is the only one of its kind in the entirety of the game, therefore, allowing players to put a price tag on it in exchange for some Ethereum.

How to become part of the Axie Infinity Community? Stay tuned for part two.

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