Casio goes vintage in through the timeless classic Pac-Man

Does combining two vintage styles create a new modern? Let’s find out as Casio collaborates with one of Bandai-Namco’s timeless classic game Pac-man as the main theme of one of their Casio Vintage products.

Once again, this product has come to play the collector game, especially when preceding products like Tag Heuer’s Super Mario-themed Andriod Smartwatch cost around USD 2150. However, unlike the Super Mario Smartwatch, the Casio Vintage Pac-man-themed watch is more like a skin for Casio’s A100WEPC model, which is designed to fit retro styles in the recent reissue of the F100 digital watch which was released way back in 1978. Aside from telling time, the reissue has digital alarms, a stopwatch, and a calendar built into the kit.

Reissued, Game Revived

This time the Pac-man A100WEPC still has the same four-front button layout, although simply adding the Pac-man branding around the frame. The watch face however brings back nostalgia as it presents a colorful rendition of the game, of course, including Pac-Man himself and his pesky ghost adversaries who keep chasing him down. The ‘Illuminator” logo found on the original variant is also present in this collaboration, but this time the logo is done with the game’s official font. The top band’s prints show Pac-man being chased by a ghost, and the reverse, with Pac-man doing the hunting. There is even a scene etched on the back of the watch case to fully bring Pac-man into the world of watches.

However, for those people who are interested in getting themselves this watch, Casio is still unable to release an official date nor pricing for the upcoming Bandai x Casio Pac-Man Vintage Watch. But they did promise to keep its future price more reasonable to buyers as compared to the Super Mario Smartwatch.

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