Get ready to rock! Here comes The Top 5 Guitars of 2020.

If 2020 could have a bright side, for musicians it would be the release of these great guitars. We all agree, that for all those who love music, every time is the best time to look for some great guitars. Well thankfully, we’ve got you. Either you’re looking for a guitar to add up to your collection or are simply a guitar enthusiast like us, these guitars will definitely blow your mind. Here are The Melting Point’s top 5 electric guitars of 2020.

Harley Benton DC-Junior FAT

Boy oh boy, this guitar is thick, literally speaking. Let us face the reality, as musicians we all want to keep our gear safe and last as long as it could. Though four-digit noble guitars may be nice for a showcase no one wants to use theirs in a rock’n’roll stage, right? Harley Benton’s DC-Junior FAT is the guitar on your sweet spot. An ingenious guitar with an ingenious design. Featuring one pickup with a high gain and tone controls. This features two sounds controlled by its pull-push pot with a single bridge concept. This definitely gives you all the time to focus on playing again.

Fender Squier Paranormal Super-Sonic

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One should not judge something based on its appearance, this guitar is not named Paranormal just for nothing. The wacky look will definitely have some heads turning. Making people think of where Fender’s inspiration came from when they were making this guitar, could be for left-handers? Well, all we know is that Fender’s Squier series gives you one of the best sounds in the business. Excellently packed with two humbuckers, a thin neck (measuring about 40 millimeters at the nut), and a pretty short scale length of about 610 millimeters, it seemed like mainstream guitars are not a thing now.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50s

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One of the premium guitar manufacturers during the ‘50s Epiphone has built its brand over the quality guitars they have produced. Despite the company being bought by Gibson, this did not stop Epiphone to produce good quality guitars at an extremely affordable price. The Les Paul Standard 50’s is a throwback guitar. Bringing the premium design of the ’50s to the world today. Equipped with excellent sounding humbuckers and all the details you would expect to form Epiphone’s LP lineup.

Fender 70th Anniversary Broadcaster

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As Fender celebrates 70 years, there is no better way of celebrating it than launching one of the classic guitars in their line-up. Differed only by name from the Telecaster, the Broadcaster model included the bakelite pickguard and the round neck.

EVH Frankie Striped MN Relic

Despite the passing of one of our greatest guitar heroes, Eddi Van Halen’s music and distinct designs will forever live on. The “Frankenstrat” which is a replica of the original model, produced 40 years old, has the same old features and has added more modern ones like the fingerboard that comes with a compound radius.

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