New Headphones? Should you get a USB or 3.5mm Auxiliary jack?

Planning to get a new headset for your PC? Let’s talk about the number one dilemma in terms of ports; 3.5mm jacks or USB cables?

Headsets have a variety of uses, especially these times where computers nowadays are versatile enough to perform just about any actions it’s uses needed to do. These may include gaming, content editing, or simply recreation through movies or music. In this case, let’s focus on the two aforementioned topics, and to start, let’s cross out wireless connectivity issues through Bluetooth (It delivers expectedly high input/output latency, which may lead to asynchronization).

3.5 mm AUX Jacks

This is the more popular option between the two; especially as most people consider this the norm or the only method to channel sounds going or out of your devices. 3.5 mm AUX Jacks may come in two forms, the combination, which has a 3-layer pin for the microphone as input and two pins for stereo audio, and the other a split type which has two jacks for microphone, and the other one for the stereo.

Combination 3.5 jacks are commonly used in mobile phones and laptops as a single jack takes less space, and the split type is commonly found in computers, which have plenty of space for an extra jack.

Despite their varieties, they pretty much perform the same function. Other than that, because this jack has been the norm for a long time, it has to rely on the device’s internal soundcard, which eats out a little performance but provides raw I/O quality because the computer will perceive signals directly as the headphone delivers it.

USB Headsets

Most people today don’t even know that such headsets exist. These are usually more expensive than 3.5mm jacks and the population who use these types of headphones most are business owners and gaming headsets.

But because these headphones do not go through the 3.5mm jack your device probably (mostly) has, they have to use their soundcards. This meant that the headphones themselves have to do their sound processing, providing users options to tinker with their audio settings with a myriad of virtual audio enhancements.

Using USB headsets also meant a free 3.5 AUX port in your device, which lets you control other devices which use the traditional port/s.

All in all, this meant extra processing power your computer can save up through the internal soundcard found in the headset. An extra open port for other devices, and the freedom to freely adjust your sound levels according to your liking.

In conclusion, must you pick between 3.5 AUX jacks over USB cabled Headphones, the answer is; pick your poison. These two are equally better and you should pick depending on whichever port you have available. USB headsets offer better sound quality and noise cancellation, but 3.5mm headsets still have the upper hand in terms of compatibility and reliability.

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