The future is now, as Humanoid Tesla Bots are ready to take the scene.

In conjunction with Tesla’s AI Day, a conference where they announce, talk and discuss future or improving AI machines they use for their innovative products, such as powering the ever-so-popular electric and the self-driving Tesla Cars, robots, and enabling other types of transportation vehicles that even range to rockets with autopilot features, etc. Elon Musk, the mind behind the company and its growth has prepared something mind-boggling.

It seems like they plan on innovating an AI-powered humanoid robot called the Tesla Bot. Its purpose? To do things that ordinary humans find hard or hazardous to do, and once again, buzzes the question; is the future now?

Tesla does the Cliché; Touché.

Capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive, or boring for an ordinary human, has always been the prime goal of the Tesla Bot, way back when its concept is still in scratch. This said prototypes made nowadays feature a 5’8” tall humanoid robot that weighs around 125 lbs. As per making, its humanoid build has been rather complicated with only allows up to 5mph top speed, which makes an ordinary human outrun it. The tesla bot isn’t that strong either, so when things go incredibly south, an average man can easily overpower one as an act of manual override.

Thinning down the line, it’s not the likes of the military, or the sort (yet), that Tesla Bots will be able to fit in and act as a substitute at, rather, it something more simple, such as shopping for groceries, follow simple instructions as it shares the same AI motor vehicles by Tesla are using. Elaborating the last phrase, it functions somehow like Alexa, Siri, or Google VA, wherein you can command it to pick something up and put it somewhere, as Musk says it; “Can you talk to it and say, ‘please pick up that bolt and attach it to the car with that wrench?’

For musk, something like the Tesla Bot will be able to revolutionize society. It can mitigate labor shortage and the likes, but sadly, he admits that as of the moment, there are no working prototypes of the Tesla Bots to validate his point. However, he claims that a prototype would most be certainly available sometime next year.

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